Product Detail

BBTKCARE Cabinet Locks for Babies | Adhesive Magnetic Baby Locks | Baby Proofing

Manufacturer BBTKCARE
Item model number ‎BY802
Item Weight ‎14.4 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎1.98 x 1.52 x 1.86 inches
Material Type Plastic
Color White

Product advantages

  • BBTKCARE Magnetic Cabinet Locks help keep your baby (and all your stuff!) secure. New completely hidden magnetic cabinet locks opened by a magnetic key.

  • Self-installation is enough! No tools, No damage. Only take less than one minutes to install the BBTKCARE Locks. Locking the cabinets and drawers, while keep the decor clean and smooth. Pls read the instruction carefully before installing.

  • Stronger magnets can work on up to 2 inches thick. Secure all kind of cabinets and drawers, even without handles. Using BBTKCARE Magnetic Cabinet Locks to keep your baby away from cabinets.

  • Contains 8 LOCKS and 2 KEYS. Parents can install BBTKCARE Locks on anyplace you need. Parents need to focus on every cabinets and drawers that’s at your baby’s eye level.

  • BBTKCARE Locks are designed to help protect children. Children learn fast. Installing the locks inside cabinets provides an invisible security solution, which is the best way to secure the cabinet, and children cannot find a way to open it.

Product description