Product Detail

BBTKCARE Baby Sleepsuit - Wearable Blanket, 6-9 Months | Warm Onesies for Babies (Yellow)

Manufacturer BBTKCARE
Item model number ‎60901
Item Weight ‎10.3 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎10 x 9 x 2 inches
Material Type ‎Cotton
Color Yellow

Product advantages

  • BBTKCARE Baby Sleepsuit can help baby sleep better and is perfect for transition from swaddling. It provides a cozy, womb-like environment to babies and helps to minimize babies reflex to startle. Babies finally can sleep better and longer with our baby sleepsuit.

  • With thoughtful design, our Baby Sleepsuit provides babies a cozy, womb-like environment or a slight swaddle feel, but doesn't confine their legs and arms to a tight cocoon.

  • Premium soft and breathable jersey cotton inner layer and cotton outer layer make our sleepsuit super soft and smooth inside and outside, which provides baby a cozy and secure feeling. Only in a room at the recommended temperature for babies.

  • Clever large zipper design make it easy to put on/take off and diapers change. Very easy to place baby in the sleep sack, even when asleep.

  • Fit 6-9 months babies. Roll up sleeves and legs while your baby is smaller and roll them down as baby grows.

Product description